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Nadi, the third largest center in Fiji, in the Pacific Ocean. It is a beautiful tropical paradise, ideal for romantic honeymooners. The drive to the village can be quite bumpy, but it is well worth the journey and the scenery is breathtaking with perfect photo opportunities. On arrival to the village, you will be welcomed with the Yaqona Ceremony, a group bonding by drinking the traditional Fijian drink. You can learn to scuba dive in the best soft corals in the world, although if you prefer to do a little snorkeling it will still be a fabulous experience. Fiji has many islands that are very close together, so they can be toured around very easily by Kayak. There are many tour companies offering experiences to suit all the family, from museums with fascinating artifacts to temples to adventure sports.

If you’ve seen the stretching white beach and turquoise waters on television and wanted a piece of that paradise for yourself, look no further!

When preparing for your trip, you have a range of options for where to stay. In the lead-up, get a number of quotes from travel agents, or use Fijian sites to book your travel and accommodation yourself – this can sometimes be more cost effective. Make sure you remember to include travel insurance in your quotes so you’re covered for any holiday mishaps or medical needs.

Where to go in Fiji

Enjoying the cities

Fiji’s two main cities are Nadi and Suva, located on opposite sides of the mainland, Viti Levu. Offering a cultural experience, markets and the normal hustle and bustle of every city, these are a great way to experience the lifestyle of urban Fijians.  A little less developed than some Australian cities, they are not to be missed if you want to truly experience the country.

Outside both cities, you will find a number of beautiful resorts that offer easy access to shopping and sightseeing. An international airport operates in both cities, so these resorts are convenient and close by.

The coral coast

At the base of the main island, Viti Levu, the Coral Coast, and Pacific Harbour, a few hours from Nadi and Suva, are the optimal mainland area for a stunning holiday. Featuring a number of high class, and affordable resorts, as well as backpackers, this area offers the joy of air-conditioned bars, combined with warm ocean waters and white sandy beaches. Try your hand at snorkeling or book a dive, or if the ocean is a little too vast for you, why not travel by longboat up the river systems and to one of the villages, visiting local schools and taking in traditional ceremonies.

Around this area, you will also find a Greg Norman-designed Golf Course, small villages and amazing farming land.

The islands

There are so many fantastic islands off Fiji that offer an array of holiday options, that it’s hard to pick one! If water sports, party or family holidays are more your style, try Beachcomber Island or Castaway Island — you will have access to kids groups, jet skis, diving instructors, skiing and a range of other water-based adventures.

No matter what you choose, you will be treated to the warmest of people in the world, and relaxation second to none.

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