Travel in Spain – What To See First

Spain is a modern country up to par with the changing times. However, some of the values, customs, and manners of the locals have not changed that much.

The first time I had heard of this country was when the Olympics was held in the city of Barcelona when I was a child. Since then, I’ve been wondering when and what I should do when I visit this place. Together with my travel buddy, we set foot for the first time in the city of Barcelona, Spain’s second largest city.

This place offers a lot of things to everybody – enjoyable nightlife, arts and architecture, exquisite food, and even the cosmopolitan experience that I am accustomed to. They have fine cuisine and many great places to see. Enjoy sandy beaches with sparkling blue water, sweeping arches and columns in older marvels of architecture, and finish off your day by listening to authentic Spanish music.

Tips for Travelling To Spain

Common cities to visit in Spain are Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville although many more certainly offer exciting and fun things to do as well. A common travel destination for tourist is Spain’s wonderful beaches. The crystal clear water calls you in for an intriguing dip. You’ll soon be lost in your own little world as warm ocean waters wash away your stress.

Madrid is the capital and a great place to see flamenco dancers or bullfighters. You may also want to stop at the Royal Palace or one of the many plazas or museums. Stop at a local dance hall or cafe to get a taste of the local life and culture. Perhaps the famous museum there is in honor of possibly the greatest artist of all time, Pablo Picasso.

If you would like to see some more water try visiting the Canary Islands, the closest thing to paradise you will find. With its numerous places to hike, climb and bike in addition to its many beaches with great opportunities to swim, sail and fish it is an ideal place for tourists.

Nevertheless, if they are related, they may give each other a kiss on each cheek.

If you happen to be invited to someone’s house for a meal, it is good manners to take something along like wine, chocolates or dessert.

Most people take a nap known as “siesta” after lunch, around 3-4 pm.

Tips for Shoppers

The shops open quite early in the morning and close very late at night. But they close in the afternoon (between 2-5 pm) for their lunch and siesta time.

Some good things to bring back home from the souvenir shops are leather goods and crafts, porcelain and China, silver jewelry and Moroccan clothing or accessories.

If you eat at a restaurant or cafeteria, it is considered appropriate to leave a small tip for the waiter.

Transportation in Spain

The transportation infrastructure of Spain is very good, with over thirty airports connecting the major cities and numerous international flights. The most important ones are the airports of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, and Malaga. Some of these airports offer duty-free shops, banks, restaurants, and cafeterias.

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