How to Fix a Ruined Online Reputation for Your Eyelash Extensions Business

After setting up an eyelash extension business, all that people will talk about is the classy furniture, the beautiful photos you post online or the strategic location of the lash business. You will feel as though you are at the top of your career but out of the blues comes a careless person who posts a negative review about your business that will be a source of other negative feedback in response to the negative review.

A lash business can lose its credibility if the owner is not sensitive to what is being posted online and act on time to tone down the negative vibe. Below are some of the means that you can adapt to clean up a ruined reputation for your eyelash extensions business:

  • Request your customers to post positive reviews to counter the negative review: Once you discover a negative review, the best option will be to request those that have been benefiting from your eyelash extensions business to post positive reviews to counter the negative feedback. Doing this will ensure that the positive reviews are at the forefront and the negative reviews will be no longer visible.
  • Own up if the mistake was yours: In case a process went wrong and the client went to rant online instead of coming back to you, the best option would be to own up to the mistake, explain what happened and provide the best solution to the issue at hand.
  • Try and resolve the complaint offline: Whenever possible, try and discuss the issue at hand with the client offline. This will ensure that fewer people get to know about the issue which will, in turn, protect further damages.
  • Base the response given on facts and not emotions: when responding to a complaint posted by a customer, you may be forced to respond in anger especially if the issue being raised is untrue. This should not be the case as it will make the situation worse than it currently is and this will push the reputation of your eyelash extensions spa further into the mud.
  • Offer rewards to loyal customers: this will make it easier for them to provide the much-needed support in case someone comes up with negativity about your business. The reward can be in form of discounts on eyelash extensions services or even selling lash products at a lower price. You can also ensure that such clients get preferential treatment so that they can keep standing with you in the midst of any negative review online.

You should always remain in control over what is posted about your lash business in online review sites. Create Google alerts so that you will be notified any time someone posts a review and this will ensure that you respond and resolve the issue gets out of hand. Having a good reputation online for your eyelash extensions spa will not happen overnight and in the event that the reputation has been ruined, making everything right again will take some time.

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